Marilyn – 70

IMG_1959bAccording to the bible, 70 years is a lifespan. So it seems I have just been reborn. Or, as indeed my mother felt after her 70th birthday, perhaps everything from now on is a bonus.

These are turbulent times, humanity teetering on the edge of a precipice. And yet also, for the privileged, a time of enormous richness and potential. It would be ungracious in the extreme NOT to enjoy the richness – and both foolish and selfish to ignore the potential, which exists only so long as sufficiently many of us are willing and able to trust each other to bring it into being.

I feel so richly blessed, so very privileged, not least in knowing all of you. Heartfelt thanks and recognition to all who co-created my fabulous birthday festival, as well as to all who contributed from afar.

Valentin remarked that it would be amazing if we could bring together all of you. Indeed. He was immediately offered the challenge of doing it for my 80th. Look forward to seeing you then – and hopefully many times between.

With love and in anticipation

mm sign w flower