Enough! It’s not about scarcity

We have everything we need to create a global society of wellbeing. What stops us?

More and more, I think it’s about what’s inside our heads: our beliefs and our fears. Belief in scarcity triggers fears of doom. The fears trigger greed.

Specifically, I see an extraordinary belief in myths about money. Money is the least of our worries – after all, we invented it. We can, and should, re-invent it. Governments were offered a shining opportunity to re-invent money in the wake of the recent financial crashes. They missed their chance. So we will have more financial crashes – and more opportunities, but a lot of suffering in the meantime.

More and more, I think the transformative power lies with communities. Municipalities, parishes, townships, city wards, counties – whatever they are called, the important thing is the local scope. A community doesn’t have to re-invent the entire monetary system; it can create its own microeconomy.

Do we in fact have everything we need?

Not quite. We need more trees, to produce more oxygen. It’s a simple equation:

Fewer trees + more people = not enough air
Plant a tree today, so we can all keep breathing tomorrow!